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Featured Writing & Media – Dr. Caroline Madden, Healing Infidelity Coach

9 Signs You Need to Break Off Your Engagement

StyleCaster.com-September 21, 2017

It’s not just a movie cliché—some people actually do live their last night of “freedom” to the fullest. In fact, a study shows that a full third of bachelors cheat at their bachelor parties.


Everything You Need To Know About Surviving Infidelity

Huffington Post-September 14, 2017

“It’s not affairs that break up marriages: It’s the unfaithful spouse’s inability to be honest about what happened and leave the affair behind them…”


10 Big, Divorce-Proofing Talks To Have Before Getting Married

Huffington Post-July 19, 2017

Story image for "Caroline Madden" from Bustle

“If you suspect your partner’s need for sexual intimacy doesn’t match yours, don’t overlook it. You might want to believe it’s an insignificant issue or once you get married it will work itself out, but sex should be easiest in the first couple years of any relationship…

11 Signs Your Partner Might Have Mental Health Problems They’re Ignoring & How You Can Help

Bustle-July 18, 2017

While everyone’s entitled to the occasional bad mood, it’s never a good sign if your partner has been blowing up in fits of rage. “Anger is often referred to as ‘depression with enthusiasm,'” Caroline Madden, PhD, a licensed marriage and family therapist, tells Bustle. “A sign of depression is that everything and everyone easily annoys them (like traffic).” So if your partner is suddenly road raging, take note…

11 Little Things That Can Totally Transform Your Relationship

SheKnows.com-June 28, 2017

“If your spouse gets up before you because you work from home or have a short commute, make it a point at least once a week to …

THIS Is The Best Time To Move In With Your Partner, According To Couples Therapists

Women’s Health Magazine-June 19, 2017

“One of the biggest mistakes that couples make is to move in for financial reasons,” says Los Angeles-based marriage therapist Caroline Madden, Ph.D. Even if you have the deceptively practical “why pay two rents?” talk…


What Orange Is the New Black Gets Right About Grief

SheKnows.com-June 15, 2017

But Poussey’s murder transcends a fictional TV prison and has had an impact on viewers too. Caroline Madden, a therapist based in California, said the plotline at the end of Season 4 of OITNB has affected many of her patients — from the unexpected tragic death of Poussey to the reaction of Correctional Officer Bayley, who killed her.

If you’re sleeping with a married person, here’s how to end it

myjoyonline.com-May 25, 2017

“They may still call you and try to see you in person so they can convince you to stay,” she said. “Fight the urge to see them again. Think of all the times you tried to contact them in the past…

These Tips Will Keep Your Marriage Happy and Healthy

Brit.co-May 22, 2017

“Likewise, saying ‘Thanks for staining the deck’ is good, but saying ‘The deck looks fabulous. Thank you for working so hard in the sun all day’ is better.”

This is why we say “Til Death Do Us Part” In Wedding Vows

Redbook-April 25, 2017

“Each partner needs space to do their own thing. So while your spouse is out do not text or call him or her unless it is an emergency. You look needy and clingy and it makes your spouse feel pressured and resentful.” —Caroline Madden


What Mike Pence Gets Wrong (And Right) About Marriage, From An Infidelity Recovery Expert

Huffington Post-April 6, 2017

On the surface, Vice President Mike Pence’s “never dine alone with a woman” rule sounds like a good way to respect your spouse and avoid temptation. However, as an expert in helping marriages recover from infidelity, I think this type of thinking can lead to trouble…

7 Signs You’re Slipping Into An Emotional Affair

Huffington Post-March 6, 2017

“You literally count down the hours or days,” said Caroline Madden, a marriage therapist in Burbank, California. “When you text or Facebook [message] that person, you check a million times to see if they replied.”


The Resistance Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Huffington Post-February 21, 2017

For many of us, the reality that Trump is our president is a tough one to face. If you’re like me, you wake up each morning and have a brief moment of reprieve during which you think life is still normal. Then your coffee kicks in and you realize the truth: a racist, lying misogynist is leading our country.


30 Simple, Everyday Ways to Make Your Marriage Stronger

Redbook– February 2, 2017

Connecting sexually will help you connect emotionally. If you don’t have a high libido you cannot expect your partner to just deal with it. Lack of affection makes your partner feel unloved and under-appreciated. Try getting help from a professional therapist. You will be surprised at how much progress can be made if you just open up to someone who is trained in this area.” —Caroline Madden, LMFT and author of How to Go From Roommates to Soulmates In 10 Easy Steps

How To Maximize Your Dating Profile So It’s Actually Effective

Romper.com-January 22, 2017

…women should shouldn’t look too frumpy or too sexy in the photos they post on their profile, as it is something that is a turnoff for men.


Verily Magazine-January 19, 2017

Before you respond to your friend, remind yourself that her life is not your life. Caroline Madden, MFT, has authored five books specializing in relationships. She says, “Keep in mind that you are not the one in a relationship with him. What might be annoying or even a deal breaker for you…

Here’s the NO. 1 Question These Therapists Get Asked About Love

Verily Magazine-January 16, 2017

“‘When should I fight for a relationship (and how)?’ In the close to two decades I have been a relationship therapist, I have never once had someone regret that they fought too hard for love.” —Caroline Madden, MFT, author of five relationship books

25 Unbreakable Rules Everyone Should Follow In a Relationship

MSN-January 10, 2017


“Connecting sexually will help you connect emotionally. If you don’t have a high libido and this is causing problems in your marriage, get help from a professional therapist. You’ll be surprised at how much they can help you.”

13 Not-So-Obvious Signs of Cheating | Glamour

Glamour-December 30, 2016

Most of us tend to give our partners the benefit of the doubt as far as fidelity goes. But the truth is, one in four relationships involves cheating, while only half of cheaters confess—which means that about one-eighth of the people in relationships are involved with someone who secretly isn’t monogamous …

11 Qualities Every Truly Happy Relationship Has In Common

Huffington Post-December 23, 2016

Chemistry and physical attraction may have brought you and your partner together, but you need more than a spark to maintain a happy, lasting relationship. With that in mind, we asked marriage therapists to share the one quality they believe couples need to develop in order to stay together for the long haul. Here’s what they had to say …

11 Subtle Signs The Problems In Your Relationship Are Not Your Fault

Bustle-Dec 22, 2016

Story image for "Caroline Madden" from BustleWhen your relationship isn’t going well, it’s often hard to convince yourself it’s not all your fault. After an argument, or a particularly tough week, emotions are generally running high. You might think about the things you said, or all the things you did “wrong,” and feel an intense amount of regret. This is a totally normal — albeit totally sucky — side effect of rocky relationships.

In fact, it sucks so much that it makes sense why we all want to know we aren’t to blame. If this is you right now, it really can be a huge comfort to hear the words “it’s not your fault.” …

11 Things You Should Stop Doing For Your Partner If You Want A …

Bustle-Dec 16, 2016

Most of us would do just about anything for our partner, all in the name of a happy, healthy relationship. But if you want things to truly go well, there’s actually a pretty hefty list of things you should stop doing for your partner. This, my friends, is all thanks to “good intentions” and how easily it is to go overboard with them …

Why Are We Fighting If We Both Voted For Hillary? – Role Reboot

RoleReboot- Nov 29, 2016

Story image for "caroline madden" + relationships from L'Huffington PostIt’s Saturday morning, and you’ve just gotten the news that there’s a rally downtown. When you mention it to your partner, s/he snipes that you’ve got to take it down a notch. Turn it off for just a moment, please. Give it a rest..

Stung, you withdraw. Angry thoughts arise. “Doesn’t my partner see that we need to take action? We can’t let this happen! Fine, stick your head in the sand!” Anxiety swells in your chest as you consider the future …

6 modi per tradire il coniuge senza neanche rendersene conto

L’Huffington Post France-Nov 8, 2016

Story image for "caroline madden" + relationships from L'Huffington PostI tradimenti di natura sessuale saranno anche la più nota fra le diverse tipologie d’infedeltà, ma oggi come oggi il tradimento assume molte altre forme.

“Se la propria attenzione viene regolarmente calamitata al di fuori del proprio matrimonio, allora potrebbe essere l’indizio di un tradimento di natura non-tradizionale, come la cotta platonica”, spiega all’Huffington Post la psicoterapeuta Abby Rodman (abbyrodman.com/). “Le conseguenze di un tradimento non-tradizionale sono comunque le medesime: il coniuge viene ferito, deluso e marginalizzato”.

If You Want To Save Your Marriage After An Affair, Read This

Huffington Post-Nov 4, 2015

It’s not affairs that break up marriages: It’s the unfaithful spouse’s inability to be honest about what happened and leave the affair behind them, says Caroline Madden, a Burbank, California-based marriage therapist who specializes in affair recovery …

6 Ways You May Be Cheating On Your Spouse Without Even …

Huffington Post-Nov 2, 2016

Sexual affairs may be the most widely known type of infidelity, but these days, betrayal take many forms.

“The partner usually justifies the emotional affair because they see it as the lesser of two evils: They don’t have to leave their spouse or break up the family but in the meantime, they’re willing to supplement their marriage with another person.” ― Caroline Madden, a marriage therapist and the author of After A Good Man Cheats: How to Rebuild Trust & Intimacy with Your Wife” …

Why Do Good Men Cheat on Women- 3 Top Reasons

Mantranslated.com- October 23, 2016

You probably wouldn’t stay in a relationship where your basic needs were ignored. Men are the same; if our needs aren’t met, we too might look elsewhere. And sometimes we think cheating is a better option than breaking it off with you. I’m not justifying or defending this behaviour, I’m just telling it the way it is.

Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater? Marriage Therapists Weigh In

Huffington Post-Sep 27, 2016

Given how many of us are affected by infidelity ― twenty-one percent of married men and around 15 percent of married women have cheated on their spouses, according to the General Social Survey at the University of Chicago― it’s worth exploring our beliefs about cheaters and their capacity for change. Does “once a cheater, always a cheater” always ring true? …

How to Decide on a Sperm Donor – AfterEllen

AfterEllen.com-Feb 16, 2016

Story image for "caroline madden" + relationships from L'Huffington PostCaroline Madden is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has worked with many lesbian couples, as well as adults who were adopted as children, a demographic who often share similar concerns to children conceived via sperm donation. Her strong recommendation to perspective lesbian parents was to use a willing-to-be-known donor from a sperm bank, versus known donor, or an entirely anonymous donor.
Read more at http://www.afterellen.com/people/473875-decide-sperm-donor/2#lh8Ua3evufTwzkFd.99” …

8 segnali lampanti che indicano che la tua relazione non è destinata …

L’Huffington Post Italy-Jan 14, 2016

Story image for "Caroline Madden" from Huffington PostOgni giorno i consulenti matrimoniali visitano coppie che desiderano rendere più forte la loro relazione, ma hanno anche a che fare con chi compie l’ultimo disperato tentativo di salvare un matrimonio.

Quali segnali li avvertono che una coppia non ha i requisiti giusti per farcela? Di seguito, analisti e psicologi spiegano quali sono i segnali d’allarme più evidenti …

8 Glaring Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Likely To Last

Huffington Post-Jan 11, 2016

Every day, marriage therapists talk to couples who want to work on making their relationships stronger — as well as those who check-in as a last ditch-effort to save their marriages.

What tips them off that a couple may not have what it takes to last? Below, therapists and psychologists share eight of the most glaring red flags …

8 consejos para salvar un matrimonio después de una infidelidad

Ecuavisa-Nov 12, 2015

Story image for "Caroline Madden" from Huffington PostReparar una relación después de una infidelidad debe ser una de las cosas más difíciles de lograr, muchos matrimonios no salen de una situación así. Pero es posible. Así lo explica la doctora Caroline Madden, terapista matrimonial estadounidense, en un artículo publicado en Huffington Post. Aquí, sus mejores 8 consejos para superar una traición amorosa.

Decir la verdad: La mentira nunca es buena, mata el alma y la envenena. Si se quiere salir adelante después de algo así, lo mas importante es decir toda la verdad desde el principio. Para recuperar la confianza perdida, la verdad es indispensable.

10 Pieces Of Tough Love Advice From Marriage Therapists

Huffington Post-Aug 31, 2015

A marriage therapist’s job is to listen to couples’ frustrations and try to help each spouse work through his or her issues. Sometimes, that requires doling out some tough love, hard-to-hear advice.

Below, 10 marriage therapists share the most blunt — but constructive! — piece of advice they’ve ever given a couple during a session …

Relationship advice 8 ways to move on after discovering your …

Pulse Nigeria-Aug 27, 2015

Story image for "Caroline Madden" from Huffington Post GreeceIt’s really hard to face the fact that your spouse cheated on you, especially if they decide to stay with the one they had an affair with.

In reality, it’s okay to feel all kinds of things initially but it should always be in moderation. The worst thing is letting your significant other’s infidelity define you.

Huffington Post experts on the subject of infidelity share their best advice for letting go and starting over after an affair …

Everything You Need To Know About Moving On After An Affair

Huffington Post-Aug 18, 2015

Moving on with your life after you’ve been cheated on can feel like an impossible task — especially if your S.O. decides to stay with his or her affair partner.

First, you need to give yourself permission to feel everything: bitterness, sorrow, confusion, rage (in moderation).

But at some point you need to move on and not let the affair define you. Below, experts on the subject of infidelity share their best advice for letting go and starting over after an affair.

Why Some People Take Back Cheaters, And Some People Don’t

Elite Daily (blog)-Jul 9, 2015

It’s hard to predict exactly what you might do if someone cheated on you. A 1999 study from the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships revealed that 62 percent of the female participants and 86 percent of the male participants cheated more than once in their lives.

5 Signs your Secret Crush is Crushing Your Marriage – The Chic Site

The Chic Site-July 25, 2013

I’d like to introduce you to Jane. Jane is married to Jack. They’ve been happily married for 15 years. They have two children, two cars, the proverbial white picket fence.

One day, Jane meets a man at the office. He’s young, smooth, and extremely handsome. He asks for her help on a project. Naturally, Jane is eager. Not necessarily because she’s attracted to him (she is) but because she likes helping people. Soon one interaction, turns into two, which turns into three, and pretty soon, Jane finds herself anticipating when she’ll see him again. Jane has officially developed a secret crush.